Eurimbiss takes position

Eurimbiss takes position as an european space reference

New blog, this means we have to position it on Google. First of all we have used the phrase we want to position in the title: “Eurimbiss takes position”

Then we are going to tag with internal links some keywords that we think potential customers use on Google:

European cafeteria in Valencia

Best european coffee in Valencia

European space in Valencia

Home for Europeans

Home for European Spirit

Eurimbiss takes position

This project is created by Walter Teschendorff and Carlos Teschendorff, a very united and diverse team.

Now we are going to use keywords with external links to some websites with a big authority on Google, so that they give as some authority and credibility. We have been inspired by:

  • Iván Cotado and his “Hinteriorism” with H of Honesty: The interior design of Eurimbiss remembers us to different european emblematic places so that the customer travels through the “Old Continent” without moving from his city.
  • Mixologist Academy: The menu will count with the best cocktails, all of them representative of the different European State Memebers.
  • Events-management by James Kennell: We will celebrate the most important days in the European History.

Eurimbiss takes position as an european space and will open its doors soon in Valencia. Lately it will open a second space in Berlín.

We feed the european spirit.

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